MITOPIAN ​OVERVIEW: The Multidimensional Marriage of Utopia and Mitosis is a (wo) man-made version of generative art and starts from a single digital cell. Simply put, MMUM begins with an original act of creation, continues via recombinant images and eventually, like most good things has a happy ending-beginning. A tale of love and expansion within a techno–enhanced world, it is a place where creativity and connection reign supreme.​​​​​  Set in the exquisite Land of Mitopia, it  reveals a world where change is rapid, constant and benevolent.​ It is populated by malleable Mitopians who exist within continuously modified environments of infinite expansion and clearly benevolent intent. And, as it is based on creation myths and visionary modalities, this work resonates easily within our subconscious - liberating our minds via embedded imagery and our scope via emerging technologies. As a result, morphing is the new birthing and expansion the new social network. Deux Ex Machina???